5 Gifts to Buy for Him This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is right around the corner. It’s about to be that time of year when everything turns red and romantic. But valentine’s can also be a challenge for some couples. Whether married or in a committed relationship, it’s difficult to decide what to buy your significant other doesn’t just reflect your feelings but shows how valuable they’re to you too.

Things get even more problematic when you have to come up with ideas to give something to your husband or boyfriend. The fact is, women are often clueless when it comes to buying gifts for their partner. One of the reasons why this is so is because there aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to men’s gifts. If you were to ask someone, they’d probablytell you to buy a watch, tie, belt, or probably another leather product.

Unfortunately, most of these gift ideas are outdated. So, to help you out, we have come up with 5 unique ideas that will help you surprise your partner.


1.  Flowers

A few years ago, you couldn’t even imagine sending flowers to a man. It was all but illegal to do something so feminine! No man would actually take out the time to smell the roses and put the flowers into a vase. However, times have changed, andit’s not uncommon to see a man do things like get a facial, manicure, or even care about how their nails look.

So, if you would like to give you man flowers, then that won’t be something out of the ordinary. However, when you’re choosing the flowers or bouquet, you have to keep a few essential details in mind. Focus on the following tips, andyou’ll definitely create an arrangement fit for your partner.

  • Avoid postal colors because men usually don’t get their purpose
  • Avoid bouquets and arrangements that are too busy
  • Choose colors like deep blue that is masculine and not overpowering



2.  Customized Gifts

Another great idea to personalize your gift a little is to get something customized. The choices are endless when it comes to this. Because you can decide between a range of items like mugs, BBQ accessories, diaries, sports gear, and a whole lot of other things, you’ll never go out options.

However, one thing you should do is to go for something that is actually beneficial for your significant other. Men don’t really appreciate things that cannot be used or are given as decorative items. So, select a personalized message that you want to add to the gift and it will be appreciated.


3.  A Smart Watch

Is your significant other interested in tracking their steps or recording their heartbeat? Giving them a smartwatch wouldn’t be such a bad idea too. These smartwatchesdon’t just tracktime, but also other health information that will prove beneficial if your partner is trying to lose weight or wants a lifestyle change.

If you don’t think that they would appreciate a traditional smartwatch,then there’s something else that might grab your interest. The smart buckle can be attached to your analogwatch and will send the information like your heart rate, pulse, and footsteps to the phone app.


4.  Men Candles

Candles? For men? I must be out my mind, right? Well no, not exactly! If you’ve always thought that candles have to have the fragrance of flowers, fruits, and other such feminine smells, then you’re quite wrong. Candles for men are widely available on the market thathavethe masculine fragrances of coffee, sawdust, and even campfire! So, if you know where to look, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for. One of the best places to go for this option is Tom Ford Candles. Not only that they smell amazing, it is a very prestigious item to gift.  

5.  Big Boy Toys

No, you don’t have to buy him an actual car for this! Men don’t really grow out of their passions. So, if your husband seems to be engrossed in fixing the Legos for your son, it’s time you took inspiration. Look for 3d structures or other such unique toys that your partner can make on his own. Moreover, if he has a collection of cars, see what he doesn’t have and give him that! One of the best places to look for items like this is M.A.D Galleryin Dubai mall, with a lot of unique artistic items.


Among all of these 5 items, flowers are the one thing that you can combine with almost anything. They can be given as a standalone giftor something to compliment the actual gift. But remember, when you’re choosing something as sensitive as flowers, go for a provider that is guaranteed to deliver fresh flowers.