Spectacular Roses Colors and What They Mean

Black and Blanc

Have you ever been in a situation where youhad to go to an event but weren’t sure about what to get the host? Chances are that if you’re clueless about what to give someone, you’ll just pick up a bouquet from the nearest flower shop. According to stats, approximately 198 million roseswere produced in 2010 alone.

While flowers are universal and can be given at a variety of occasions, it will be ideal if you know their meaning.

Today, we’ll be discussing the meaning of 5 of some of the most spectacular color of roses. So, let’s get right to it.

1.  Black

If you’d like to make a fashion statement, this is the rose you should go for. The black rose symbolizes rebirth, a newbeginning, and rejuvenation. While you may think that black roses are ideal for funerals and such events, the truth is that they aren’t. Black roses are pretty uncommon and rare and can be found in just a few parts of the world. However, while the black rose is universally known to symbolize rebirth, it is also a sign of extreme hatred and ill intentions.

While a bouquet of black roses may be a little too extreme for any occasion, especially if you don’t wish to send a bad message, it will look beautiful among other roses. Talk to your florist about combining a few other colors with the black rose, sothe setting looks attractive.

2.  Baby Blue

The baby blue rose is really playful and joyous to look at. This is why it is the perfectly colored rose for a gender reveal, baby shower, or boy birthday events. The baby blue shade of a rose is very soft and not as overpowering as red, black, or any of those other colors. Note that baby blue roses are different in look and meaning as compared to dark blue roses and while they look good together, they don’t mean the same thing.

If you’re heading to a baby shower andknow that it’s going to be a boy, or attending a young boy’s birthday party, consider taking a bouquet of baby blue roses. Alternatively, you can combine the shade with others to give the setting a lift.

3.  Gold

While a lot of people think that gold roses are those that have a deep yellow color, the ones that we’re talking about are the ones that are dipped in gold. These gold roses symbolize riches and luxuries and are preserved to make them last longer. Gold dipped roses are exquisite and expensive. Get them added to a bouquet and you will uplift the entire look instantly.

These gold roses can be perfect if you want to decorate a corner of your house and don’t want to go through the hassle of changing the flowers after every few days.

4.  Aqua

The aqua colored rose symbolizes freshness and tranquility. This colored rose is different from the royal blue or baby blue colors because it has brightness and sparkle to it that others don’t. The aqua colored rose can be combined together with others and given at events such as births and birthdays.

However, remember to talk to your florist before choosing a setting because while the aqua color is light and refreshing, it won’t complement every other rose color.

5.  Pink

Finally, the pink colored rose is perfect for a number ofoccasions. While it symbolizes maturity, romance, and appreciation, it is also perfect for girl baby showers, orgender reveals. The pink rose is quite common among roses and is used either as a full bouquet of pink roses or as a combination with others.

Something you need to know about the pink rose is that while it does symbolize love and romance, it isn’t as overpowering as the red rose. So, if you’re not yet in a relationship but would rather approach a crush, this would be the perfect set of flowers for you.

Whether you’re choosing a particular color or a combination of shades, it is crucial that you take care while selecting the florist. Because roses tend to wither and die pretty quickly, it is highly recommended that you opt for a Dubai florist who picks up the freshest of roses from their gardens.

A couple of things you should be looking for in your florist are

  • Quality of flowers
  • Customer service provided
  • Experience and skill of florist

Once you have these things in order, you’re ready to purchase your flowers either online or physically by going to the shop.